Whether you are human, a brand, have a company, run a foundation, are very important or a Berliner who wants to contribute – We are still looking for your support!

Now that we have shot and are in the process of editing the film, we need to move on to the vital work of post-production and make the film a reality. Your donation will pay for the colour grading, sound mix and distribution costs. Our aim is then to enter I (HEART) BERLIN into international festivals with a view to cinema, DVD and online distribution.

Our Indiegogo campaign in now finished but you still can contribute  by direct transfer of your donation to our bank account:

You’ll need our IBAN and BIC:

IBAN: DE69120300001015581034


Contributions of any size are welcome, and for each donation we will acknowledge your support via a number of rewards, which include DVDs, posters, acknowledgements in the credits.

If you want to help us out or are able to connect us with somebody who does, get in touch with us:


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