About the team

Born in Eastern Germany, raised in Munich, Anke works as a Producer and Director in Berlin.

Polaroids Anke

Anke initially studied Fine Arts in London with the main focus on photography and video installation. After graduating 1st Class Honors, she started working as a creative producer and commercials director for different TV channels. Her clients include Bruce Dunlop Associates, Turner Broadcasting, Sony, Virgin Media, Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland to name a few. Anke’s latest success has been producing the award winning live action/ animation film Paper Daydream, which won prizes at festivals in New York, Washington and London.

Anke worked the last 15 months on the international environmental & political campaign and documentary Fish Fight and launched and managed the campaign Tims Fish Fight in Germany. She is currently developing the feature-length road-trip- documentary I (HEART) BERLIN.

I (HEART) BERLIN is a project very close to Anke. It is the director’s own personal story of migration dislocation and relocation. ”I realised I found myself at a crossroad. My life has been evenly split between three countries. One third in Eastern Germany a second in Western Germany and a third in London, UK. After long enough contemplation I declared myself officially homeless with an ambition to make Berlin my new home.”

To find out more about the other artistic endeavours of Anke please check out http://www.ankeschiemann.de


Polaroids laura

Laura is an Italian, London based, Producer with an interest in the experimental and passionate about pushing boundaries in filmmaking. In the UK she has been working across a variety of roles, on highly acclaimed productions for independent companies such as: Pulse Films, Neath Films, Zig Zag Productions, HSI and Channel4 Creative. She is also long-time collaborator of BAFTA award winning director Daniel Mulloy (Antonio’s Breakfast, Dad, Son, Baby). Their latest film ‘Bashk’ has had its UK premiere at this year’s Encounters Short-Film Festival.

In 2013 she has produced with Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt ‘The Memory Dealer’, an interactive multi-platform theatre drama directed by Rik Lander funded by Arts Council England and University of Nottingham and supported by Pervasive Media Studios, DCRC, BBC Academy and Digital Bristol Week, Icon Films.

In 2012 Laura was selected at the TorinoFilmLab – Writer’s Room as producer on ‘Sequence’, an international transmedia project written, developed and produced by writer & producer Adam Sigel.


After a degree in Film and Art, Gooch started work in the VFX Department on Judge Dredd.

Polaroids Martin

Since then Gooch has worked on more than 200 productions from Harry Potter to East Enders and Robot Wars to Big Brother. He has filmed all over the world, from Sahara to swamp to Shepherd’s Bush. He’s been to see things, talked to them, filmed them and written about them.

Gooch is the only person in the world to have been a winner with BBC Talent two years running. He has made about 20 short film things give or take a few, but he can’t quite remember. Many of these short films have been screened at festivals across the globe.

Gooch directed the BAFTA winning and EMMY Nominated Spooks interactive (BBC/Kudos) and has directed Doctors (BBC1) and Hollyoaks (C4).

To find out more about the world of the Gooch please visit http://www.martingooch.com


sarah webpage smile

Sarah M. Fischer is an art historian specialised on contemporary (jewish and israeli) art. Constantly involved in several art projects, she was working for the last five years as the Manager for Press and Communication at the Jewish Museum/ Centrum Judaicum in Berlin. Sarah writes also for catalogues and magazine as a freelance journalist. After visiting the Ukraine several times she’s currently working on a piece about former synagogues in the Ukraine. Sarah just recently moved to the US and is coordinating the I HEART BERLIN documentary project for us on American soil.


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